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Treating depression is changing and moving beyond just pills and psychotherapy. This FDA cleared treatments a drug-free, non-invasive procedure covered by most insurance providers.
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Premier Health & Wellness provides Psychological evaluations, counseling and consulting to those with depression, anxiety, PTSD in addition to support services for US Military Veterans. Our Clinic specializes in TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) with its offering of NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for treatment resistant depression. Premier PCC and Premier TMS is a practice of compassionate and experienced Psychiatric professionals who offers Psychiatric/Psychological Diagnostic Evaluations, medication management, psychotherapeutic counseling and consulting. We promote functional and lifestyle change, recovery and healing for children, adolescents, adults and families. We are the first Utah Clinic to offer outpatient counseling and recovery for individuals who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Strokes. Learn more as you continue to visit our website.

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Psychiatric Medication Management


NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what is used in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. While the patient is awake and alert, NeuroStar TMS Therapy stimulates areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

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Counseling services serve to identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil and seek to improve coping skills.

Designed to transform and CONNECT the mind, body, and soul, to empower the participant to design the life they deserve with newly formed habits and awareness.

What Patients are Saying

I think everyone’s experience is different, I can however tell you that TMS has changed my life for the better! I think back to how I lived my life before TMS and how I live my life now and I can honestly say it’s been a 180!
Jack K.
TMS allowed me the relief from depression without the side effects of ECT.
I don’t need meds anymore so I’m not dealing with side effects. I’m starting to lose the weight that I gained while on the meds. I have real emotions. I am me again, not some watered down version of me.
I am a living testament that TMS does indeed work and would tell anyone considering the treatment to look at the part of your life and your immediate family, friends and career aspirations that have suffered with you with this real condition.

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